Parse pdf file using chatgpt and upload the parsed file to one drive/ google drive

Sorry, this is going to be a long post. Please bear with me :nerd_face:

I want to parse multiple pdf files which contain tabular data using chatgpt and put it into an excel sheet. All pdfs are different from each other and hence i cannot specify the column names that I want to extract. All i want to do is get the table from each pdf file into an excel sheet. This my first time using make. The closest solution i came across was this and i tried to follow it. However I am not entirely sure I am doing it correctly.

I am using one drive to store my files but it isn’t mandatory. I can even use google drive.

Here’s the flow:

  1. Onedrive: Watch files by update time

  2. Onedrive: Download file (Not sure about this step because i need to select one specific file which does not help my case when there are multiple files that i want to parse)

  3. OpenAI: Upload a file

  4. OpenAI: Message an assistant

  1. OpenAI: Create a completion (Not sure if this is the correct step)

  2. Stuck here. If chatgpt can really return downloadable excel files then i wish to download it and upload it to my one drive folder. If it cannot return downloadable files then i want to retrieve the parse content and upload it to a google sheet.

I dont know how to proceed further. Please help

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You need to select “Knowledge Retrieval” for the assistant to be able to access files.


Additional fees apply.

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When i did that, it took a very long time to execute. I got time out error. My pdf file is not too big. It is just 1 page

Also, I didn’t get it. Additional fees apply for what?

Fees apply for using the “Retrieval” function on OpenAI.


Ohh okay.
I made the changes you suggested. I ticked knowledge retrieval.
Can you please tell me how can i transfer my parsed data that i receive from chatgpt to a google sheet? or if chatgpt can directly provide a downloadable file, i’d like to upload it directly to my one drive

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