Passing variables between scenarios

I have recently upgraded my plan and now have access to scenario inputs. I am trying to add a step to the end of one scenario that will run a 2nd scenario, passing some of the inputs from scenario #1 to scenario #2.

If I use the MAKE RUN SCENARIO module, it only ask me for the scenario ID, but I’m not sure how to pass variables to the second scenario. I know this can probably be done with an API call, but I assumed the MAKE module was designed to avoid that.

I understand that I can use the scenario inputs in the second scenario to define what fields/data I want to be used in that scenario, but not sure how to pass data from one to the other.


Hi @Brian-HFLA ,

According to this documentation it should be possible to pass variables from one scenario to another.

There is a similar question here, with some screenshots.

Hope it helps.




Aha! Didn’t realize I needed to define the scenario inputs on the 2nd scenario first – then they show up in the RUN SCENARIO module!