Paypal - watch incoming payments?

I was wondering if anybody has been able to get Make to successfully watch incoming Paypal transactions by using Make’s native Paypal modules (i.e. without setting up custom webhooks in Make)?

I know that we can setup outbound webhooks in Paypal to trigger an inbound custom webhook in Make, but I wanted to see if there was any way to get this to work with Make’s native Paypal modules.

We tried Make’s trigger modules of “Paypal - New Notification” and “Paypal - Watch Custom App Payments”, but those modules keep telling us that we have no new transactions, which is not true. We created brand new transactions, and we even chose a start date from 5 years ago.

Then, we switched to Make’s trigger module of “Paypal - Watch Transactions” module, but Make is requiring us to type in an Agreement ID.

However, Make’s Paypal documentation does not tell us how to get an Agreement ID from Paypal.

Does anybody know how to get an Agreement ID from Paypal?

Or does anybody know any other way to solve this problem, outside of creating our own custom webhook? I know that it would only take a few seconds to setup our custom webhook, but I just wanted to see if it was possible to use Make’s Paypal modules.

Thank you!

The Support Team has informed me that the current Paypal “Watch Transactions” module can no longer be used in Make.

This is what Make Support wrote me:

“We checked the concern internally and found that there is no reference to any documentation or endpoint to retrieve a list of business agreement IDs at PayPals end. Hence this is causing the limitation at Make’s end as well. Our team also found the whole thing with Billing Agreements is marked as deprecated on their documentation.”

Reference Link:

Will Make be creating a new Paypal module for “Watch Transactions”?

Hello there @ScottWorld :wave:

Thank you for sharing the response from our Care team. :pray:

Our developers have not yet found a suitable alternative for this specific module. I’ll keep an eye on the process and will let you know as soon as I have some info.

Thank you for understanding.


I was able to discover 2 successful workarounds to the Paypal problems when trying to watch incoming Paypal transactions.

Both of these workarounds utilize Make’s custom webhook module:

  1. On Paypal’s Apps & Integrations page, you can create an app and add a webhook to each app. But I couldn’t get those webhooks to work for some reason. However, if you keep scrolling down to the bottom of the main "Apps & Integrations” page, there is a section entitled “NVP/SOAP API apps”. If you add a webhook to THAT section, Paypal actually WILL send all incoming transactions to a Make webhook. The only problem here, though, is that there seems to be about a 15-20 minute delay before incoming transactions are sent to the webhook.

  2. Even better, for instantaneous notification of incoming transactions without a delay at all, there is a setting on Paypal’s Account Settings > Notifications page where you can enable IPN (instant payment notifications). That gives you the ability to paste in one (and only one) webhook URL, so you can paste in a Make webhook URL there and you will receive INSTANT notifications of incoming Paypal transactions.

This might be useful information to add to the Paypal documentation on Make’s website.

Thank you!


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Thank you very much for the detailed workarounds! :clap:

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