Pipedrive list activities in deal / time not the same

Dear Community,

I’m facing an issue with the listed time data from activities in a Scenario from PipeDrive.

Below 2 activities are present in a deal in PipeDrive:

The data shown in Make Scenario:
28 November:

14 November:

I first thought sometime with timezone settings, only the strange thing is the time difference between the above 2 activities aren’t the same also, one is 1 hour difference and the other 2 hours…

I need to create a filter so the right activity will be updated within the automation, only i can’t if i don’t get the right activity data…

Hopefully somebody can explain this to me.

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Hi Thijs.

This looks like a time zone and DST issue. The first date was before the DST change, the second one after - which might explain why one difference is one hour and the other two hours.

In Make, you’ll see times displayed according to the time zone from your own user profile.

There’s a great article on this in the Make help here.


Dear @DavidGurr_Make

Thank you very much for your fast reply.

And very logical explanation regarding the hour difference.

The timezone settings in PipeDrive and Make are exactly the same configured.

Timezone PD:

Timezone Make:

The trigger data comes from Calendly and is displayed correctly in the Scenario:


Any ideas or suggestions how to get an filter with the same data as the Trigger JSON Body data?

I’m not sure what you mean by the trigger data.

From looking again at the times in your first example, I’m guessing that the Pipedrive API is reporting the times in UTC rather than your local timezone. As they’re not presenting time as a full ISO time (which includes time zone) that makes sense - as otherwise you’d have no way of knowing what time zone was referenced.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any note of this in the Pipedrive API documentation. I did find a few references to UTC issues in the Pipedrive Community, such as this one.

Your best next step would be to raise a ticket with Pipedrive support to ask them to confirm (or otherwise) that time values in the API data are all UTC.

If that is the case, then you’ll need to use the parseDate() and/or formatDate() functions in Make as appropriate.


Dear @DavidGurr_Make

Thank you for checking out and your possible solution, when i’ll go further with this filter i will have a look into this.

First i have a new issue to resolve first.

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