Possible Connection Between 422/429 Errors in Apollo.io API Scraping from Google Sheet and Free Plan Limits?

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I was attempting to scrape domains from a Google Sheet using Apollo.io, but as I am a newcomer to API calls, I encountered difficulties.

Recently, I watched a YouTube video demonstrating a similar scenario where domains were retrieved from a Google Sheet and then used to scrape emails from Apollo.io.

However, when I replicated the same steps, I received either a 422 or 429 error.

I wondered if this is occurring because I am using the free Apollo.io Plan.

Apollo setup:

this is the error i get:

Welcome to the Make community!

Your Free Plan on Make does not cause this. From your screenshot, it looks like Apollo does not like you calling their API so quickly.

For how to handle 429 errors, please see the following:


But just 3 hours ago i spoke to apollo.io support and they told me that have restricted search api end points for free users?

Yes, I said this is not a Make issue – you’ll need to ask apollo how to access the search endpoints. If they say you’ll need to upgrade, then you should do so on Apollo if you want to use their endpoints.