Resource Exhausted

My goal for this scenario is to create a daily backup of our instance.

The scenario actually works correctly as it is, but I get several errors as it attempts to run.

Essentially I get the error 429: RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED - Quota exceeded for quota metric ‘Write requests’ and limit ‘Write requests per minute per user’ of service ‘’ for consumer 'project_number:xxxxxxxx

The backups always seem to transfer all of the data successfully, it just takes multiple attempts.
Example of errors

The scenario itself is very simple, but I’m wondering if there is a simple way that I can spread out the requests to avoid getting these errrors.

You are calling the external service too rapidly without pause/delay, hence the 429 “Rate Limit” error.

You can use a sleep module to add a 10 second delay before your Google Sheets “Add a Row” module [3].


If you want to learn more about Make, you can read up in the Help Center. I also recommend doing the tutorials in the Make Academy, and learn advanced skills like how to make custom apps to any API in the Make Partner Training Portal - both have certificates for successful completion.


Thank you! I had actually just found the 429 erorrs page under the help right as you posted this. I was on my way here to post the link in case anyone found this in the future.

I appreciate you taking the time to help!!