Budget exhausted massage - creating items in monday.com

I run a scenario that in the end - create Items in monday.com board.
The thing is that I get between 25-45 bundles from the Google sheets module (which mean 25-45 items that I want to create after getting the range from the google sheet) and when I got more than 31 bundles, the scenario broken and I get this massage:
“budget exhausted, query cost 30001 budget remaining 21839 out of 1000000 reset in 34 second”.
Is there something I could do in order to deal with is?

@Msquare_Automation I thought maybe you have good answer :slight_smile:

Hi @IdoPuter

This error arises due to a rate limit problem on the Monday platform.

To address this concern, incorporate a sleep module before initiating the creation of a Monday item. Additionally, include a break statement as an error handler within the module.

I believe this approach will resolve the issue. Should you require more guidance, please feel free to inquire further.

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@Msquare_Automation You are the best!