POST Webhook to move data in a Scenario

I am moving a Zapier Zap off of Zapier and into a Make Scenario.

The Zap has a final step of Post Webhooks. I use that to get a custom behavioral event into Hubspot. I would like to do the same thing in Make. But it looks like the Webhook actions in Make only let me send a response to a current webhook vs post to a new URL.

I need to be able to send to Hubspot the data for this new Custom Behavioral Event.
I tried using Make an API Call to get the data through, but when I tested it, it errored.
I’m wondering if I have something wrong in the Make an API Call or if there is a different way to do this action.

I have attached a PDF of what the Post Webhook looks like in Zapier and the screenshot below is what I have done in Make that is currently erroring.
Zapier Post Webhook.pdf (418.2 KB)

Couple of things,

  1. The Endpoint URL you are using should be /events/v3/send
  2. You are sending the data as Query String, Instead of that you need to pass following JSON, which you construct based on your property name as,
  "occurredAt": "2023-10-27T08:10:49.963Z",
  "eventName": "string",
  "email": "string",
  "properties": {
    "additionalProp1": "string",
    "additionalProp2": "string",
    "additionalProp3": "string"
  "objectId": "string"

You can see the API document here.

Just follow the JSON structure and then basically map the data as required based on your property name and stuffs that you want to send to Hubspot. Do let me know if you need further help with this, just give it a try and see how it goes, it should be pretty straightforward.

Just map the required fields like the way you are doing in the query parameter.


This got me on the right track! Make support also stepped in to help. Apparently Hubspot API calls only work for their CRM so they got me set up using HTTP module instead. Their comments were identical to yours, just using the HTTP module instead of the make an API call in Hubspot’s module. Thank you!