Posting an image to Microsoft Teams Chat

Hi there -

I’m attemping something I thought would be easy:

To take an image from Airtable, and post in a Microsoft Teams message…

This is what I thought would work:

But I am getting this output

I’m sure this is an obvious fix. Please guide me, code ninjas

Welcome to the Make community!

Yes, it is an obvious fix. You inserted the “Image URL” variable into the hyperlink tag, but not the image tag.

Your image tag “src” attribute is empty.

<img src="" alt="alternate_text">

Insert your variable correctly and rerun the scenario.

If you still can’t see the image, that means the image link is not publicly accessible.

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Wow. Right you are. Thank you!

Your comment about the URL being public reminded me of another potential problem. It’s my understanding that Airtable attachment URLs change over time, which would mean that these images posts on Teams will break. Is there anyway to actually post the image in teams as an attachment, as opposed to just linking to it?

You can use a file storage service like Google Drive or OneDrive, and then make the file public or unlisted but still accessible publicly.