Posting to FB Pages, getting The operation was completed with a warning. Invalid parameter (100, OAuthException)


a few months ago I set up a scenario which posted images to facebook page from an excel spreadsheet. it worked fine then.

I have come back to finish the project and cannot even get it to post a single picture anymore.

This is the error I get :

I have verified the image is JPG and is even less than 100k let alone 4mb.

I have also recreated all connection items from scratch and created a new scenario for testing from scratch . . .i removed the MAKE business integration from FB end and reran the scenario and got a very clear message saying there was an auth issue - so it does not seem authentication related. . .

i have tried not using the sheet as the source and just putting values in but same error. here you can see input bag :

I read a post that mentioned something about using too many hashtags so I have reduced everything down to the basics as seen in above input bag.

initially, all my images were stored on IMGUR. so just incase MAKE and IMGUR were not sympatico anymore, I have tried images from other sources as well.

please can someone help ?

Kind Regards,

Welcome to the Make community!

Hmm, it appears that you are mapping a URL into a field that accepts binary data (actual file content).

You’ll need to download the file’s binary data using the HTTP module “Get a file” first, before you can upload it.


Hi Samliew,

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and replying.

That is very interesting considdering it worked previously passing the url. maybe the field requirements changed or something.

I will try as you suggest and revert with my findings.

Kind Regards.

Hi Samliew,

That fixed it, thank you very much.:+1::+1:

No problem, glad I could help!

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