Prevent scenario from turning off

Hi guys, i have a few scernarios thats based on some webhooks (based on a form on a website). I work as a webagency and therefor ill soon have to hand my client the whole setup. But i have a problem before i can do so. my problem is that somtimes people using the form on the website forgets to erite a correct email and therefor make turn off the scenario, that cant happend, its not a problem that i dont have the right mail but only that the scenario is getting turned off. How can i fix this, so it will work in the long term and not just by setting up the number of errors that can happen before turning off. Hope my question is understandable :slight_smile:

Hey @Esben ,
Try using the “ignore” error handler on the Gmail module.

read the make help to know more . directives-for-error-handling

Let me know if this helps.


Hi @Ishan

You can add break to Gmail module. will send a notification to you whenever the email is not correct but it won’t turn off the scenario.

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If i use this ignore module, then it wont go further than that module right?

Yes it won’t proceed further.

Does this look right?

@Esben , Yes this looks good,
try running it with an incorrect email for testing purposes.
Let me know if this helps.


Perfect, thank you i will add this to all of the scenarios

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