Preventing continuous updating in a bi-directional sync


I’m in the beginning stages of creating a bi-direction sync between Google Contacts and

I’d be interested in people’s thoughts on methods or strategies for preventing the continuous looping of data between the two platforms.

My concern is that given that the sync is bi-directional updating from one to the other may trigger a loop of continuously updating between the two platforms.

Looking forward to your thoughts.


Create a field to and map the value once pushed to other system

Thanks for your reply @Mohamed_Jahar, I really appreciate it.

If I understand your suggestion…
when I flag a record with say ‘synced’ after being updated from the original system (say gContacts) I can create a filter to ignore this record when syncing in reverse. That I understand. However, once the updated record is flagged in the platform it has been synced to (say Coda) then if I do update that record it will be filtered out when eventually syncing in reverse because it is still flagged as ‘synced’.

So, until the ‘synced’ flag is removed the newly updated record won’t be updated because of the filter.

Of course, I could manually remove said flag but this is all about automation right?

Any suggestions for solving this issue?


Too bad there was not reply to this, I’m struggling with the exact same questioning, but between Todoist and Habitica. Hopefully this reply will bring some attention to this.