Problem connecting Make to Google with Advanced Protection Program

I started using Google Advanced Protection Program with my Google account and because of that Make integration with Google Sheets stoped working. When I try to reauthorize Make I got the following error:

Access blocked: Make (formerly Integromat) is not approved by Advanced Protection.

And in Error details I got the following:

Error 400: policy_enforced
Request details: access_type=offline response_type=code redirect_uri= state=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx prompt=consent scope= openid

If you’re using a free Google account, that’s pretty much by design - Advanced Protection effectively shuts off access to all non-Google apps.

If you’re using a Google Workspace account, your admin can whitelist Make.

Some useful background on Advanced Protection here.


Thanks DavidGurr_Make! I was looking for this whitelist! We use Google Workspace here so I was ably to allow make and it worked!! Thanks a lot!