Problem on CSV with Microsoft 365 Module - Non English Characters

Hey community!

The return from the Microsoft module causes a non-english character problem with german characters. Please follow the flow:

“data”: “IMTBuffer(2056, binary, 0f856cf2814b92952b8df6e221468a14b60b6c46): 44006100740075006d003b0041006e00660072006100670065006e002d00490044003b0041006e0072006500640065003b0056006f0072006e0061006d0065003b004e006100630068006e0061006d0065003b004600690072006d0061003b0022005300”,
“filename”: “outlook_email_attachment.”,
“filesize”: 2056

And If I use it with ascii()

It basically removes the non-english characters, doesn’t return them:

What might be the solution for this to get all the characters?

Thank you!

Hey guys,

any ideas?

Does anyone know why this happens? We cannot get non-english characters from csv?

Hi @onurbolaca

You can convert the attachment data (buffer data) back to text data by utilizing - {{toString()}} function.


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This doesn’t work at all. Why did you thing this would work? Did you live the same thing or?

Apologize @onurbolaca

To handle non English characters, you need to use the tool - Convert the encoding of a text.

You need appropriate input codepage for the German language to get the desired output.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Hey @onurbolaca

Just jumping in to say that as a user community, we do not have access to your scenarios and it’s therefore not always easy to offer the ultimate answers right away.

On behalf of the Make team, I can confirm that the troubleshooting steps mentioned by @Msquare_Automation are totally legit in this case. If they do not do the trick for you, I’m really sorry, but there’s no need to be snarky. There are other ways of saying that the proposed steps did not help you achieve what you’re trying to achieve and I’m sure the community will continue to try to help you out.

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