Problem with data structure


I need some help.
I building scenario which will get data from Elementor form and store in Data store by Data structure definition.

I need this data for :

  1. Send SMSAPI text message (work fine)
  2. Re send email after 6 days (there is starting issue)

To get details for future email sent i have to store data in Data store with following structure:

I have a problem with data structure for DATA, TIME and IP

The issue is related to Add/Replace a record for Data store

When I run this scenario I getting following issue:

When I removed Date, Time and Remote IP from Record, but i will keep this information in Key section and rerun scenario, the Data store will be created successfuly with KEY details.

Any idea how to store Date, Time and Remote IP ?
Based on this information I would like to check records by date and time , grab email and sent email to customer after 6 days.

Thanks for any advice

To resolve your problem, ensure that all the values (Date, Time, Remote IP) are in the same data format. I noticed that the Remote IP appears to be a number but it include β€œ.”, which will not be accepted as number. Please use text instead of a number for the Remote IP field.

Regarding the Date and Time, please utilize the formatDate and parseDate functions to convert them into the appropriate Date format.

Thanks & Regards

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All issue is sorted, Thank you

Hi @Robert

I’m happy to hear it’s working.If you require additional assistance, feel free to reach out without any hesitation.

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