Problem with retrieving field values from updated Knack Record to pass to next step in Scenario


I currently use Zapier for integration with a bunch of application including Knack, Slack, Harvest and Zendesk.

I’ve been having some issues with Zapier and am investigating moving to Make.

I have a simple scenario that I am trying to get working.

  1. Created Knack App with a single table that includes standard text and date fields and derived fields like Auto-increment, Text concatenation
  2. Have Knack Edit form to change a text value.
  3. Setup webhook to trigger Slack Message with updated record. I want all of the standard and derived fields to be passed across to the Slack message.

The available fields for the Slack Message seems to be limited to “1. RecordID.”
i.e I’m not getting any of the other fields from the updated record in the Test App table to pass to the next step in the Make scenario (Slack).

Am I missing something?

Scrub that. I’ve just realised you need to add a second step of getting record values using the record id. It’s a little different to Zapier. Thanks it seems to be working!


Firstly @Adrian_Bell Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

Glad you got it working! never feel shy about reaching out here for your scenario design questions.

One thing that will help though, is sharing some screenshots, as you have rightly said, make being very different than zapier, a visual aid is helpful in debugging.

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Hi @Adrian_Bell

I hope this message finds you well.
Can you help me confirm if your newly made Make <> Knack integrations are working as intended?

I do not know if the recent Knack performance upgrade also affected how Make integrations work.

Pablo De la Garza

Hi Pablo

Yes - so far so good. I’m still learning but it works well. Quite a bit faster than Zapier.
The main difference is Zapier Event of update record passed all details. Make requires 2 steps with reading the record id.

The UI takes a little getting used to after Zapier, but I like it.

No longer being limited to 3 branches in logic is terrific.


Hi Adrian, just came across this thread. What was the second step that you needed to extract the values?