Problem with the text parser (advanced)

I have many progrem at this moment with the module “Text parser” of make.
It run but with any output. This block all my scenarios.

I will show you some examples.
If you have idea or solutons. Thanks


Hi @Turoxit

To extract the code you need to build a Regex pattern. For experimenting with regular expressions, we recommend the regular expressions 101 website.

Once the pattern is built, use it in the Text parser module “Match Pattern”. Refer to the below link to know about Match Pattern in detail:

Between, you can enable the option in module settings to continue execution even if the match is not found.

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Yes thanks. But i know that. That’s why i already use a Regex expression… But i don’t inderstand why it’s work sometimes and other time not…

Use CHATGPT for your regex, i use it now a days to design regex