Problems when trying to connect to PostgreSQL

I’m trying to create a connection with a PostgreSql database, but I only get the error: “The request failed due to failure of a previous request: Connection action timed out”.
Does anyone have an idea what could be going wrong?

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Usually that means the database query took too long, and the server didn’t respond fast enough.


Is there usually some solution to this problem?

There could be one or more possible reasons,

  • The PostgreSQL server is not running
  • The PostgreSQL server is running on a different port than the one you are specifying in your connection string
  • The PostgreSQL server is running on a different machine than the one you are trying to connect from
  • There is a firewall blocking the connection to the PostgreSQL server
  • The PostgreSQL server is overloaded and unable to handle new connections

You’ll need to provide more information about your PostgreSQL instance, or contact your PostgreSQL administrator for assistance.


Thank you! I’ll trying these options.