Process scenarios sequentially but not blocking

We recently migrated one of our scenarios from Integromat → Make, and one of the differences is that Make now executes scenarios in async in parallel, which causes rate limit issues on third party services we’re making requests to.

We updated the scenario to process sequentially, but this now also causes scenarios to get blocked upon a single run running into an error. Is there a way we can limit the rate of execution of inbound requests to our Make scenario but also not have sequentially dependent runs?


If you keep “Sequential Processing” on, and add an error handler to the scenario that handles any errors you run into, then Make will not see that scenario as a problem, and will keep processing subsequent workloads. …that is exactly how we got around a rate-limiting problem for a client of ours.

If you need more details, do let me know.


Is there a way on adding a single error handler to catch all errors or would you need to add an error handler module to every module that could possibly throw an error?

Are you applying break directive as error handler to every module here?

Hi ,

Are you applying break directive as error handler to every module here?

No. Break will also stop subsequent runs when “Sequential Processing” is set.

You’ll need to build in additional new modules to retry the operation, or just add an email node to tell you about the error, or the Ignore or Resume directives, depending on the circumstances.
Do see this article for more info: