Processing job applications

Hi All,
I just want to see if what I am about to embark on is possible before i spend what might be ages in trying to set it up!

we are advertising for 3 new jobs.

they will all come in by email.

if i move them into a special gmail folder i want a scenario to kick in that does this:

creates a new folder in dropbox based on the application name (or email)

save the actual email itself to that folder,

and saved the attachements to that folder,

then the easy bit send myself and another colleague an email to say this has been done.

what do you think? will it take me longer to setup than to process them all by hand?

thanks for any advice.


you’re looking to automate the process of handling job applications received via email. Here are a few ideas for setting up this automation scenario:
Use the Gmail module as a trigger to monitor a specific Gmail folder where the job applications will be received.
Utilize the Dropbox module to create a new folder in Dropbox dynamically. You can use the application name or email as the basis for naming the folder.
Use the Gmail module to save the actual email to the created Dropbox folder. Additionally, utilize the Gmail module to save any attachments from the email to the same Dropbox folder.
Use the Gmail module again to send an email to yourself and another colleague, notifying them that the automation has been completed and the email and attachments have been saved to the Dropbox folder.
By automating these steps, you can streamline the process of handling job applications and ensure that the relevant information is saved in the appropriate Dropbox folder while notifying the necessary individuals.
Regarding finding an Integromat Expert to assist you further with the setup and optimization of this scenario, you can visit the following URL to explore the available experts: MAKE,COM Expert. They can provide specialized guidance and expertise to help you fine-tune the automation, address any specific requirements, and ensure optimal efficiency.

that’s fantastic thanks so much. I will try and tackle this tomorrow and follow your advice.

Best wishes


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