Processing Shopify Sales Orders in a Foreign Currency

My store is based on Shopify. Orders can be placed in most currencies but my base currency is GBP.

Orders are processed using Zoho Inventory. Zoho produces Invoices, delivery Notes etc and manages stock.

I use a third-party app to push new orders from Shopify to Zoho Inventory. However, it seems unable to process orders placed in a currency other than the base currency. These are pushed using the base currency with the same numeric amounts used for the currency they were placed. This means that new orders need to be manually adjusted in Zoho Inventory to change the currency and charged amount (using the exchange rate applied by Shopify.

Does anyone have experience with this? The Shopify API does not seem to pass the line item values but does pass the currency information. Shopify support is not willing to discuss their API but wants to send me to one of their paid third-party developers instead.

I don’t have direct experience with this but it seems you could create a scenario to get the Shopify data and the currency and adapt the price with the math functions.

Have you started to build a scenario? If so you can post what you have done so far and we all can try to help. Remember to use screen shots liberally and explanations of what you are seeing.

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Hi Alex

Many thanks for your suggestion.

Yes, I have started building the scenario, and this is where I got stuck.

The problem is getting hold of the Shopify data needed. I can get the price in GBP and the currency in which the order was placed, but I cannot find the exchange rate used by Shopify in its API when placing the order.

Is there a default that is set on the Shopify store? Maybe a few screen shots would help us here.

Maybe this can help you on your way:

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This is just the information I need. Many thanks.