Compare two searches

Hey all,

I use Shopify (for e-comm sales) and Zoho inventory (for fulfilment).

Zoho has a native Shopify integration BUT, it consistently seems to miss an order or so every couple of days.

The integration goes.

  1. New shopify order
  2. Zoho sync (every 15 mins)
  3. Create new Sales Order in Zoho

Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to perform a comparison between Shopify and Zoho Inventory?

Basically, if an order exists in Shopify, but does not exist in Zoho Inventory, create the Sales Order?

Issues encountered so far…

  1. Zoho only lets you lookup sales orders by a Salesorder ID (nothing to do with Shopify)
  2. The only ‘link’ between Shopify and Zoho is the customer details (i.e. email) and the Shopify Order Number (which is referenced in a Sales Order field).

I had an idea to (once a day) perform a Shopify search for orders created that day ➝ then do a search for Zoho Sales orders ➝ then somehow compare the two?

Thanks in advance!