Filtering multi bundles and routing to stop certain matches

Hey everyone!

I’m building an integration between Shopify and Zoho Books. When an order comes in, I want to check with Zoho if this is an existing customer or not. If the email exists in Zoho from the Shopify order I will follow one path and if the email doesn’t exist at the router I’ll follow another path.

My struggle is the only way to view all contacts from Zoho is a list. The output from the list is many bundles (1 per customer) when I setup the router and filters the 1 bundle that matches goes the correct way but all the other bundles from the list go the other way.

How can I make it so if the email matches on ANY bundle only that bundle will carry out through the router?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @DanielS,

Great use-case!

I looked at it and thought maybe you can use other data from the shopify order to check as well? So if the name is the same, the country, the address…?