Publish Scenario and Module Limitations

Hi dev team,

I’ve been using Make for a little less than a year. Within that timeframe, I’ve run into a few issues and this community has been fairly helpful in pointing me in the right direction.

Often times though, the issues that I am running into are limitations at runtime. Either the scenario has a limitation I wasn’t aware of, or the module itself. When reviewing the module documentation about what it can do, there is no mention of what it can’t do.

Would it be possible to publish these limitations alongside the documentation?
I’m not entirely sure if this is the right place for this type of request, please let me know if there’s somewhere better.

Just one example:

In this scenario, what is the maximum queue length?! The docs do not specify. I can deduce this from the logs, looks like it stops after writing (or queuing?!) about 50 contacts. But even then, when does the queue buffer empty or refresh? This isn’t clear.

Hi @Chad_Elliott

Please use break (Error handler) retry after some delay.

Please refer the below community replay for the same enquiry.

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@Msquare_Automation - I do used the Break error handler but yet It always just stop the scenario and write that the scenario was fainelize even tough it didn’t finish to create the last 5 items I reqested. do you have any idea of what we can do?

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Hi @Msquare_Automation

Thanks for the reply however I see you’ve actually linked to my post.

Your suggestion below does not exactly answer my question. More-so, proves my point and initial request. What is the delay I should retry after?

If we knew the outgoing queue length, we’d be able to develop for (and around) this. From my testing, it is not a set time delay either.