Encountered issue : Maximum outgoing queue length exceeded for event "send_sms"

Since some days, my scenario fails with the following message :slight_smile:

Maximum outgoing queue length exceeded for event “send_sms”.

Can you help me to solve the issue ?

Thank you by advance

It is a vendor-side issue, i.e for the SMS application that you are using, it might have a limit on number of pending SMS or if you are using the Bulk SMS feature.

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I only use the “send SMS” function with the “Android send text message” included in Make.
And on my mobile phone, I’ve the Make app.
No intermediate vendor.
Moreover, I only send 1 to 5 SMS.

So, It is then a Make side issue :sweat_smile:. I don’t have any experience working with Make’s Android App, So, Probably someone else in the community with experience on it might help you resolve this issue.

Having the same issue, but with event “save_contact”.

Anyone know where I can find the maximum queue length and/or how to pause it? I’m hitting the length at 50 iterations, but need at least 80 currently and more soon.

I think I might have found a way around this - I found that Make app on iPhone does background refresh every hour, so I put a break in the flow to break for 65minutes then do a couple retries.

This should allow me to get 50 added, then wait an hour for it to automatically refresh and add 50 more.

Hopefully this helps anyone that finds this.


Hey there @Chad_Elliott :wave:

It’s great to see that you managed to find a workaround and we really appreciate you coming back here to share it with us! Your contribution is truly valued, and it’s awesome to see how you’re looking out for the community :pray:

Hello @sympalappart, just wanted to ping you on the solution proposed above. Feel free to give it a spin and see if it does the trick. We’d love to hear how it works out!

I’m on Android.
Before the update of the app from integromat to make, it works.
I’ve tried to come back to the “old” integromat unrestricted app which works fine, but without success.
I’m really annoyed.