Publishing IG stories

Hi there! I am David from Spain!

I developed an schenario to publish on RRSS since i have been doing an important effort on marketing at my company

Now i am starting a “Stories Strategy” to get in touch to potential costumers.

Is there anyway to publish stories on instagram using Make?



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Hi there,

Currently, there is no built-in module with Instagram to post stories within Make.

You can, however, use the HTTP module to accomplish this for now if there is an API endpoint available within Meta.

Hope this helps!


Thanks!!! :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


Do you have a Guide/Tutorial to set it up via HTTP ?

Hey there @Alexander_Heller :wave:

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Hi Vendy

Thanks for the advice. Make support actually already solved it and send me the info.
Heres the documentation from meta if anyone else looks for this in the future.

Medien - Instagram-Plattform (


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Hi @Alexander_Heller :wave:

Thank you very much for sharing the additional information with us. We greatly appreciate it. :pray:

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Hello Amadio_Gabriel !

I would be super grateful if you could make us a mini tutorial for posting a story with the instagram api (meta) with the http module.

I tried a lot of ways using the documentation and I didn’t succeed, it’s far from easy!

Thanks in advance! <3
Waiting for your little tuto!


Hello friend!

Have you found a how-to solution that you can share with us please?

no sorry, the documentation is the best i have and i haven’t figured it out yet.