Question regarding comments on WP site

I want post comments on WP page through make on a guestbook on a website (basically convert google reviews to WP guestbook)
Right now I did install make connector and I opened the comment module, however get the error:

[404] No route found matching URL and request method. (error code: rest_no_route)

I also dont really understand the meaning of post_ID.
Could anyone help me with this?
Thank you so much!


You’ll need to refer to the plugin’s documentation to find the correct API endpoint for that plugin. This is because plugins use a different WordPress API namespace.

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Hee, thank you for the invite! With the plugin’s documentation you mean the documentation for the guestbook plugin? Because the site uses no plugin for the guestbook, just WP comments.

Oh, then in that case, you should be able to just use the “Create a Comment” module.

If you’re getting the rest no route error, it may be due to a plugin that disables comments or even the entire API for your site.

Try disabling all the plugins to test first.


Yes, so I did use that exact module;. I created the API key using the Make connector. Then, I added the key and the WordPress REST API base URL (which, as I understand, is the base URL of the website with /wp-json/ appended to it) when setting up the connection.

The connection was established successfully, but I’m encountering some issues with the fields provided. Make is asking for the following fields:

  • Post ID (which is confusing because I’m creating the posts, so there isn’t an ID to provide yet)
  • Content
  • Status
  • Author name

However, on the website, the fields I have are:

  • Content
  • Name
  • Email
  • Amount of stars given (a number between 1 and 5)

So, essentially I am a bit left in the dark. Here are basically my 3 concerns:

  1. I’m not entirely sure if the WordPress REST API base URL I used is correct.
  2. I don’t understand what the Post ID refers to in this context.
  3. The fields in Make do not correspond with the fields on the website.

I don’t think WordPress comments support ratings out of the box. Are you sure no plugins or custom themes are used?

For creating a comment module post id, you either have to search for an existing post or create a new post in the same scenario and map the post id from the output.

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