Quickbooks and Airtable no invoice number

Unable to automatically generate INVOICE number , See picture

help me plz

Try this:

In QuickBooks, click the gear icon in the top right corner.

Your Company > Accounts and settings > Sales > Under “Sales form content”, make sure “Custom transaction numbers” is toggled OFF.

It worked for me, hope it’s helpful for you!



Yes, it solved my problem perfectly.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Do you know how to automatically change the QBO email subject?
For example, the invoice number is different every time. I want the email subject to have a different customer name and tracking number

I tried solving but didn’t get an answer


I searched through Google and QB cannot change the subject of the email.

I have a new question.
Regarding the Invoice template, when I use MAKE to create an Invoice, I cannot change the template anyway.
Even though I modified the default Invoice template, it still didn’t work. please help me.


I’m glad the solution worked for your invoice numbers. I tried to figure out how to change the invoice template but unfortunately could not find a solution.

I would recommend starting a new topic for that issue to see if anyone else has a solution.

Good luck and I hope you are able to find a way to create your invoices using the template you want!

  • Mike

Morning Mike

How do you settle the bills for different projects?

See pics is my Solution, using many filler.
aggregator and formula, is there a better solution?


Unfortunately I don’t have experience with the scenario you described. My integration with Quickbooks and Airtable is pretty basic - just enough to be able to answer your original question :blush:.

Just like before, I recommend starting a new topic for your invoice/billing issue to see if anyone else has a solution.

Thanks and wishing you good luck!