Reduce number of operations using Airtable, Repeaters & Array Aggregators

Hey there,

I have the following automation here:

That works great but my main doubt is around Airtable and why Airtable consumes 3 operations and not one.

Here’s the workflow that I’m following:

  • Use repeater for offset-based retrieval of emails using the HTTP module
  • Add records to data structure
  • Search data structure
  • Use router
  • Eliminate Records from data storage (this is used only as temporary storage)
  • Retrieve all the emails present in Airtable (I don’t understand why this costs 3 operations) - there are currently 225 email records in Airtable
  • Filter out to only the Email ID using the array aggregator
  • Create the email ID array using the map function in the set variable
  • Iterate over the values in the data storage found in the step prior to the router
  • Create an array aggregator to have all have an array
  • Iterate over the final array and check if the ID is inside the email ID array

Flow works but I don’t understand why Airtable needs to create 3 operations, as well as array aggregator after air table function and set variable.

Thanks for the help!

Hello @Riccardo_Vandra nice to meet you.

It would be nice if you could send me some screenshots of the output from the Data store module and the Airtable module to make sure of a few things.

But from what I see the Data store (search records) module does one operation with 3 bundles and then further on it is transmitted as 3 different operations.
To fix it, you should restructure the scenario a bit. A new, different route for the Airtable part.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.