Refreshing module (or the whole workflow) produces empty output bundle for Notion

Hello - it was working fine and now it stopped populating data in the output. I though it because I went through all examples i had in the database - but when i tried updating something on the database to see if it would appear in the output bundle it’s still not showing up
What do i do?

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Hello, when you open your first Notion module (Watch Database items), do you have the option set as “By updated time” like in the screenshot below? If not, you may want to select that option and then run a test again

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Yup that was the issue - thank you.

Hi, I have the same problem, when “run this module only”, it retrieved many bundles, and when I click “run once”, it retrieved nothing, and when I click on “download output bundle”, it said “[null]”. I set “Watch Database Items” as “By updated time” like you said, but it still doesn’t work.

Could you help?

Hi @Lingo_Yao, it sounds like when you selected “run this module only”, you exhausted the latest updated items in Notion. So, when you “run once” again, there were no additional bundles to process in Notion. To solve this, there are two options:

  1. Update the database items in Notion, and they will be processed
  2. Right-click on the “Watch Database Items” module > select “Choose where to start” > select where you want the module to start processing from

Thanks, they are really works!