🟣 Releases on Make: April 2023

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What are the apps and modules that got released on Make in April 2023?
Let’s find out!

:purple_circle: New Apps on Make :purple_circle:

:purple_circle: Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is an all-in-one DevOps package that simplifies software development with tools for source code and package control, testing, and automated deployment of applications. It’s suitable for any business size and offers Azure Boards, Pipelines, Repos, Test Plans, Artifacts, and more. It helps with prioritization, portfolio and release management, and allows for collaborative management of the software development lifecycle.

:purple_circle: GitHub [v4]

GitHub is a cloud-based platform that offers tools for managing and collaborating on code, including Repos for open-source culture, Codespaces for cloud-based coding, Actions for workflow automation, and Packages for hosting code and packages in one place. It’s a fully managed DevOps platform.

:purple_circle: HubSpot CRM [v2]

HubSpot is a platform that provides marketing, sales, and customer service tools to help businesses grow and manage their operations. Its all-in-one suite of tools includes CRM, website building and hosting, email marketing, social media management, analytics, and more.

For info on updating your HubSpot modules, please see
:point_right: Announcement for new HubSpot API/modules switch — deadline date? - #2 by Michaela

:purple_circle: Infinity

Infinity is a flexible work management platform where you can organize all of your projects and tasks in one place, customize all your work to your liking, and easily collaborate with your team. Its flexibility and customization options make it suitable for various industries and roles, including marketing agencies, project managers, entrepreneurs, development teams, etc.

:purple_circle: InvokeSMS

InvokeSMS is a service that allows you to send and view SMS data and statistics all in one place. Connected to over 2,000 carriers worldwide, it offers total control over your messaging needs. InvokeSMS is commonly used for critical alerts, two-factor authentication, loyalty and reservation programs, marketing and booking confirmations, and banking notifications.

:purple_circle: Officely

Officely lets businesses create customized chatbots that streamline communication. Additionally, Officely allows for the collection of customer data through the chatbot, which can then be sent to your CRM for further analysis and updates. Designed chatbots can be easily launched and shared.

:purple_circle: PlentyMarkets

Plentymarkets is an all-in-one ecommerce platform for businesses of all sizes, offering an e-commerce ERP software that includes affiliate marketing, multi-currency support, and cross-selling capabilities.

:purple_circle: Quable PIM

Quable PIM is a solution that provides brands, manufacturers and distributors with the opportunity to enhance their product information management and their omnichannel distribution. With its user-friendly interface, it is easy to centralize, harmonize and distribute product data on every channel.

:purple_circle: Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers online accounting and business services for small businesses. With this platform, you have access to essential small business tools that help you manage your cash flow, send, and track invoices all through the cloud or mobile app.

:purple_circle: Service Titan

ServiceTitan is a platform that helps you streamlines service business management. It offers all sorts of features for job booking, communication with technicians, reporting, call tracking, paperless invoicing, visual sales tools, and mobile credit card processing.

:purple_circle: SMSGlobal

SMSGlobal is a mobile messaging technology provider that offers tailored communication solutions to businesses of all sizes, including some of the world’s largest organizations. With SMSGlobal, you can easily connect with your audience and send impactful messages directly to the palm of their hand.

:purple_circle: TestGorilla

TestGorilla makes it easy to screen candidates and find the right fit for your team. With multiple question types available, you can conduct one-way video interviews, allow candidates to upload portfolios, and more. TestGorilla’s expansive library includes cognitive ability tests, programming tests, software skill tests, personality tests, culture add tests, language tests, and role-specific tests.

:purple_circle: Twitter [v6]

Twitter provides users with the ability to share short messages with their followers in real-time. It also offers various features like hashtags, retweets, and likes, which help users discover and engage with content relevant to their interests.

:point_right: Twitter v6 Help Docs

:purple_circle: Yeastar Contacts

The Contacts functionality of Yeastar enables you to incorporate outside contacts into your Company Contacts and make them available to your organization. Additionally, each user of an extension is provided with their own Personal Contacts, which they can establish and regulate.

:jigsaw: Modules :jigsaw:

:jigsaw: 1SaaS.co [v2]

  • Get HTML Element from URL
  • Get HTML Element

:jigsaw: BulkGate [v2]

  • Watch Bulk Delivery Reports

:jigsaw: Captain Data

  • Get Job Info

:jigsaw: Close CRM

  • Search Leads

:jigsaw: DocuWare

  • Validation Webhook Response - Beta
  • Receive a Webhook
  • Get Dialogs
  • Get Stamps

:jigsaw: Eden AI

  • Generate Image from Text

:jigsaw: Etsy [v2]:

  • Watch Transactions
  • Get My Shop
  • Get a Transaction
  • List Transactions

:jigsaw: Go4Clients

  • Send a Call
  • Initiate a DRIP (Automation) with a SMS
  • Initiate a DRIP (Automation) with a email
  • Send an Email
  • Send a SMS

:jigsaw: HighLevel

  • Watch Contact Updated
  • Add a Note to the Contact

:jigsaw: MailerCheck

  • Validate an Email

:jigsaw: Orday

  • Send a WhatsApp File
  • Send a WhatsApp File to Group
  • Send a WhatsApp Message to Group

:jigsaw: Persat

  • Create a MasterDB Element
  • Delete a Client Object Element
  • Delete a MasterDB Element
  • Get a MasterDB Element
  • Get a Client Object Element
  • Move a Client Object Element
  • Update a MasterDB Element
  • Update a Client Object Element
  • Create a Client Object Element
  • List Client Object Elements
  • List MasterDB Elements

:jigsaw: Procountor

  • Download an Attachment

:jigsaw: ServiceM8

  • Watch Jobs
  • Search Job Contacts

:jigsaw: Teamleader

  • Watch Milestone Updated
  • Watch Project Updated
  • Download a Quotation
  • Download an Invoice
  • Search Projects

:jigsaw: Telegram Bot

  • Answer an Inline Query
  • Create a Chat Invite Link
  • Edit a Message Caption
  • Edit a Chat Invite Link
  • Revoke a Chat Invite Link
  • Send an Invoice

:jigsaw: Text parser

  • Get content from HTML table

:jigsaw: Twitter [v5]

  • Create a Tweet

:point_right: Twitter [v5] Help Docs