🟣 Releases on Make: February 2023

Hey Makers :wave:

Here’s a recap of all the apps and modules we released in February on Make.
Let’s get right into it!

:purple_circle: New Apps on Make :purple_circle:

:purple_circle: Aunoa

Aunoa utilizes a combination of AI technologies to enable natural, automated conversations with your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook, or your website. This helps enhance customer experiences through automated interactions and conversations.

:purple_circle: Aurora Solar

Aurora’s cloud-based software transforms the way solar designs, sales, and deliveries are handled. With only an address and electric bill, Aurora equips you to generate a precise, customizable design for every customer and close the deal on spot.

:purple_circle: BulkGate [v2]

BulkGate provides a multichannel messaging platform that lets you stay connected with customers from all over the world. You can interact and engage with them through SMS gateway, Viber, and other solutions.

:purple_circle: ChatSonic

ChatSonic is an AI chatbot that is trained and powered by Google Search. You can use it to converse about current events and trending topics, create digital art, and it even responds to voice commands.

:purple_circle: Discord [v2]

Discord is a communication platform that enables you to maintain an organized community for the purpose of exchanging information, experiences, and knowledge about any given topic. You can communicate with audio, text, and even video call.

:purple_circle: emailvalidation

Emailvalidation lets you automate your email validation process by verifying contact information with an email checker. It includes features like SMTP verification, email verification API, and bulk email verification.

:purple_circle: Facebook Conversion Leads

Facebook Conversion Leads is a tool that helps businesses understand which of their marketing initiatives are the most successful in terms of generating conversions and leads…

:purple_circle: Focus Anchor

Focus Anchor is a tool aimed at helping you refocus on the tasks that need to be done. It encourages you to ask yourself, “Am I doing what is necessary or just what is convenient?” thereby enhancing your ability to concentrate on important tasks.

:purple_circle: ForSign

ForSign is a tool that makes signing documents easy and efficientl. It allows you to create full subscription processes, sign documents on any device, and receive real-time notifications about the status of your operations.

:purple_circle: Funnelforms

Funnelforms is a WordPress plugin designed to help your website increase sales and eliminate problems associated with forms and an absence of outcomes.

:purple_circle: Google Chat

Google Chat is a messaging service that enables users to keep in touch iwith text, audio, and video messages. It’s great for both professional and personal conversations and is seamlessly connected with other Google tools like Gmail and Google Drive.

:purple_circle: Magic Eden

Magic Eden is a platform for discovering and buying Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Solana blockchain. It is the go-to destination for digital creators to showcase and sell their NFTs, and for buyers to explore the latest and greatest NFT collections.

:purple_circle: Netwo

Netwo is a great tool for telecom operators to streamline their business. It provides access to a telecom infrastructure marketplace and helps to automate tedious, low-value tasks, saving you time and effort.

:purple_circle: ProAbono

With ProAbono, you can easily set up and managethe subscription billing for your SaS. Plus, you can automate online subscription, charging, invoicing, and customer support with ProAbono, making your life much easier.

:purple_circle: Rewards Sciences

Reward Sciences provides an easy-to-use engagement platform to incentivize and reward the participant activities that are important to your brand. With this system, you can quickly set up a loyalty program for your brand, regardless of its size.

:purple_circle: Rows

Rows makes working in a spreadsheet faster and easier for teams. It combines the familiarity of a spreadsheet with built-in integrations and a better way of collaborating, meaning teams can easily create and share their work.

:purple_circle: Solana

Solana is a blockchain that gives users the ability to create decentralized apps or marketplaces, validate transactions, and more. Solana supports experiences for power users, new consumers, and everyone in between.

:purple_circle: Terraform Cloud

With Terraform, you can easily define and manage your cloud and on-premises resources with readable configuration files that you can track, use again, and share. This provides a consistent process to set up and manage your infrastructure from start to finish.

:purple_circle: Vero

VERO is a multi-channel messaging tool that enables marketing and product teams to easily communicate with their customers. With VERO, you can track and close more deals quickly and effortlessly, resulting in more revenue with less stress.

:jigsaw: Modules :jigsaw:

:jigsaw: Asana

  • Watch Completed Tasks
  • Watch New Subtasks in a Task
  • Watch Tasks or Subtasks
  • Update a Portfolio
  • Remove Users from a Portfolio
  • Get a Project Custom Field
  • Get a Portfolio
  • Get a Goal
  • Delete a Portfolio
  • Create a Team
  • Create a Portfolio
  • Add Users to a Portfolio
  • List Goals
  • List Portfolios

:jigsaw: Copper

  • Relate Items

:jigsaw: Custify

  • Upload a File
  • Unlink a File
  • Remove a Tag from the Entity
  • Delete a Custom Data Object
  • Add a Tag to the Entity
  • Add or Update a Custom Data Object
  • List Files

:jigsaw: Eden AI

  • Extract Custom Entities in Text
  • Classify Texts with Custom Classes
  • Translate Documents
  • Get Video Explicit Content Result
  • Get Video Face Detection Result
  • Extract Informations in Identity Documents
  • Anonymize Image
  • Generate Text
  • Moderate Text
  • Extract Topic from Text
  • Detect Explicit Content in Videos
  • Detect Faces in Videos

:jigsaw: Facebook Lead Ads

  • List Leads

:jigsaw: Formaloo

  • Add Row

:jigsaw: GitLab

  • Get a User
  • Search Users

:jigsaw: Google Drive

  • Update a File Revision
  • Update a File/Folder Access
  • Revoke a File/Folder Access
  • Rename a Folder
  • Get a File/Folder Path for an ID
  • Get a File Revision
  • Delete a File Revision
  • Create a File/Folder Shortcut
  • List File Revisions

:jigsaw: Instagram for Business

  • Create a Reel Post
  • Create a Carousel Post
  • List Public User Media
  • List Comment Replies
  • List Media Comments
  • Watch Public User Media
  • Watch Events

:jigsaw: Mailchimp

  • Update a Merge Field
  • Get a Merge Field
  • Get a Click Report
  • Delete a Merge Field
  • Create an Order
  • Create a Merge Field
  • Add/Update a List Member
  • Add an Event
  • List Campaign Open Details
  • List Click Reports
  • Search Merge Fields

:jigsaw: Microsoft Teams

  • Watch New Replies
  • Add a Member
  • Create an Online Meeting
  • Delete an Online Meeting
  • Get an Online Meeting
  • Reply to a Channel Message
  • Update an Online Meeting
  • Get User’s Presence

:jigsaw: PDF.co

  • Compress and Optimize PDF
  • Search and Delete Found Text in PDF
  • Search and Replace Text in PDF
  • Search and Replace With Image in PDF
  • Search Text in PDF

:jigsaw: Placid

  • Upload Media
  • Create Video

:jigsaw: Planfix

  • Update a Record
  • Get a Record
  • Get a File
  • Download a File
  • Delete a File
  • Create a Record
  • Add a File
  • List File History
  • Search Handbooks
  • Search Records

:jigsaw: Process Street

  • Get Workflow Run Form Field Values
  • List Data Set Records

:jigsaw: Revv Documents

  • Update Document Signatories
  • Save Document Signatory Details
  • Send a Document for eSignature
  • Send a Document to Fill and eSign

:jigsaw: Smartlook

  • Delete Visitors

:jigsaw: SpreadsheetWeb Hub

  • Get File

:jigsaw: Toggl Track

  • Export Summary Report

:jigsaw: Zoho Projects

  • Make an API Call

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