REPLACE function syntax from html data

Quite simple question but I have no clue what would be the right syntax inside the REPLACE Function >>>> Replace ( ; ; )

Basically any time there is an html link with this structure:

  1. I want the REPLACE function to delete it all.
  2. Link and anchor text in the actual example has to be a catch-all type of logic
  3. “(” and “)” are the important characters in the search query.

Anyone can help with this REPLACE function syntax?

Welcome to the Make community!

You can use this regular expression pattern

/\(<a href="[\w\W]+?">[\w\W]+?<\/a>\)/g


Regex test:



Hey Sam,

thanks so much for your help. I gave it a shot but I probably missing something here.

Here is your string:

I unfortunately ending up with the same result. Here is some real code end result example:

<p>Think of a flywheel for your hot water system. It quietly solves problems that homeowners may not be aware of (<a href="">bluefrag</a>). While homeowners often focus on the basic functions (<a href="">bluefrag</a>).</p>

Any idea what I miss here?

Sorry for the delay, I was out travelling over the weekend :slight_smile:

Either way works for me


Screenshot_2023-12-18_201221 (2)



Check that you don’t have spaces around the variables.


It worked. a million thanks!

No problem, glad I could help!

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