Resend module response to URL with POST request

Hello everyone.

I want to take the response body from previous module as a raw text and send it to my url with a POST request.

For this I’ve tried the following

  1. Added odoo module (I want its response body to resend). It works great.
  2. Added http request module.

In section 2 I need to take ‘raw response body’ from previous odoo module but I can not find a way to do that. The odoo module parses the response from odoo’s server into array (the response is a json and this is a huge json) and I can not find a way of transforming that parsed response into json string (in general I need something like json_encode in PHP or JSON.stringify() in JS)

I will appreciate if someone could give a hint how to resend raw response from previous module to my URL or how to create a JSON from any parsed response from previous module

Thanks in advance

Hey @Dmytro1

Have you tried using any of these JSON modules? I believe you should be able to use them to create JSON payloads successfully:




Thanks a lot! Transform to JSON helped. I have no idea why I haven’t seen it earlier. I was focused on ‘create JSON’ which does not fit my needs.