Return Docusign Envelope status once completed to


I want to send contract automatically using Docusign, from a Board. Then return the status of the envelope back to monday.

I was able to do the first piece and everything works very well.

  1. webhook triggered when the status changed to “send Contract” - Watch Board’s Column Value → Get an Item Module → Send a Document from Template to Sign

  2. I would like now to watch the envelope status, once completed (signed), I want to trigger the next scenario to return the value to and chance the status column from “Send Contract” to “Signed” (Bonus: IF I could attach the agreement to the column, would be amazing but not required.)

I see there’s “Get an Envelope Status” module, but this will only tell me the status of the envelop right away. Is there a scenario you have in mind to watch the status of this envelop, and as soon as it is completed, it returns the value back to


Hi @Fuze
The following module will be helpful.This will trigger when an envelope status changes.

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