Update Google Cell or Monday.com Item ✏️ Status when DocuSign is ✅ Completed

We track estimates and orders through monday.com for customers and use DocuSign as our purchase order/order acknowledgement confirmation. Here’s what the workflow looks like…

-Customer request a quote →
-Item created in monday.com board →
-Quote uploaded to monday.com in file column →
-Monday.com item’s status changes to “Quote Complete” →
-DocuSign created and sent from monday.com/DocuSign integration to the customer →
-Monday.com item’s status changes to “Quote Sent” →
-DocuSign completed by customer →
-Monday.com item’s status changes to “Quote Approved”.

What we need is to automate the monday.com’s item status to change based on the DocuSign completion status… specifically, once the DocuSign is complete for that related item. We have many quotes and orders that come through, many times multiple different quotes/orders per customer, so I need to make sure when that specific quote is ordered/DocuSigned that the related monday.com item’s status is updated and none other.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hey @crug12

I belive this should be achievable with Make:

You just need to come up with a way to filter for the particular item you want to update in Monday.