Monday + PandaDoc

I created two scenarios. My overall goal is to be able to send out documents for signatures through using pandadoc and be able to track the status of those document requests within as well. I have enterprise on both Monday and PandaDoc for reference.

The first scenario watches for a status change to “Send”, then it sends a document to sign to the appropriate parties.

The second scenario watches pandadoc status updates and is supposed to update the status column in

The problem I’m having with the 2nd scenario is that I don’t know how to properly map the Item ID so that it updates the correct status column. Anyone know how to do this?

Follow up question. I am now getting the following eror on my first scenario.

The operation failed with an error. Function ‘recipients’ finished with error! Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘replace’)

I only have 2 roles in my pandadoc template.


Hello @sgharibian

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Do you use a replace function in the scenario somewhere? Could you check if it’s set correctly?