Rouble sending Google Analytics event measurement with Make after migrating from Zapier - What am I doing wrong?

Hello there!

I’d appreciate your help with a problem I’m facing after migrating my automations from Zapier to Make. Specifically, I’m struggling to send Google Analytics event measurement using Make.

In Zapier, it was a breeze, but in Make, I couldn’t find the option to send Google Analytics event measurement. So, I tried using the “make an API” call option in the Google Analytics module. Unfortunately, I’ve been encountering failures each time I attempt this method.

Then, I attempted to make custom API calls, and even though the HTTP module showed a success status, the event measurement didn’t come through in Google Analytics.

Here are the screenshots of the API call I made:

I’m wondering if you can help me understand why this issue is happening and what I’m doing wrong. Thank you for your time and expertise!

Heya there @Fahad_Sheji :wave:

Just stepping in with an idea:
You could take advantage of this offer since you are migrating from Zapier :arrow_down: