Make Product Owner offer: Migration from Zapier to Make

Hey Guys! Dan Born here, a new Product Owner in Make. :wave:
I’d like to offer you help with migrating from Zapier to Make as a fun challenge for me to help me speed up my onboarding, understand your struggles and to meet some of you. Both sides should benefit from this → you’d be using Make and I’d learn about the real-world use cases.
Win win :champagne:
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Hey Dan, you have my attention. I have about 12 Zaps in zapier to be moved to Make (I’m currently experimenting with one of those Zaps by recreating it in Make to see what trouble I may encounter. I am running into difficulty right off the bat even though this ain’t my first rodeo.).

  1. What’s a “Product Owner” in Make?

  2. Can you assist me with my current issue which has to do with the Make Wordpress module simply recognizing when a new user is added to Wordpress?



Hey Phillip!
Sounds great.

  1. That means I’m an employee of Make working in the Product team which is building new features of Make, listening to customers and solving problems.
  2. I should be able to do that :slight_smile: And if not, I have the whole team of Makers who could assist us. :slight_smile: I actually just got it working on my WP instance after installing the connector and by adding the Watch Users module. There’s also an article in our Help center about WP.

I’d be more than happy to jump on a call to help you with those Zaps. Are you at all available this Friday? I’m working in CET times ideally. Feel free to reach out -


I’m in. Starting next week

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Hi Dan, I’d love some help! I have also run into issues re-creating zaps and I’d be thrilled to leave the zapier platform.

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Hey @Peeyoosh_Chandra and @Carina_Clingman I’ve messaged both of you privately so we can agree on a time to chat. Cheers,

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Hi Dan!
Would also be interested in this. I have about 20 zaps, and would like to move them all if it´s possible.

Kaj K.


Hi Dan,

I have migrated most of my Zaps to Make over the past couple months. I still have a couple more to take care of and would be interested in this offer.



Hey @Kaj_Kusnetsov and @calebsg I’ve messaged both of you privately so we can agree on a time to chat.
Cheers, Dan

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Hi everyone :wave:

I migrated clients from Zapier to Make, so if I can help, it would be my pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m game. How do we get started? I have some zaps I would like to migrate over.


@Marc_Hauge Let’s do it :muscle:

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I don’t really need you to help me migrate my pitiful few number of Zapier tasks, but if you could help find out why adding Github connections are no longer working that would be kind of cool.

Hi Dan,

I’ve migrated the majority of zaps to make though there is still some left and there is still a part which I’ve never been able to find out how to make it work in Make, I still have partial scenarios in Zapier as zaps :frowning:.

I would love to get some help!

Enjoy the journey as PO at Make (I am a PO too and love the job!), be well,

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