Support Options

I’m testing out the Make platform as a replacement option for Zapier. So far so good. My question is about support options. All I see is the ability to submit a support ticket into a black hole (did that 24 hrs ago with no response yet) or this community board.

Is there no chat or phone options? Something a bit faster than “submit and pray”?

Hello @Phillip_Crum you can get certain SLAs depending on your purchased plan. If you are in Free plan it has the slowest response time.

Currently we are looking for people moving from Zapier: Make Product Owner offer: Migration from Zapier to Make - #3 by DanBorn

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Thank you for that, Sebastien. I’m currently talking with Dan about meeting up so that’s good.

Had an account with Zapier for 3 years now; $15/month. Come January that IDENTICAL account is going to cost me $133/month. I can only imagine the exodus they’ve created for themselves. So far I LOVE the graphic, drag and drop layout in Make. MUCH preferred to their linear offering.