Run a SQL (SELECT/filter) query on a Google Sheet

Hi everyone!

We are a newcomer to Make called Summit. We are creating components (triggers and actions) for no-coders that give them superpowers.

What I’m demoing here is the ability to point to a public CSV file (a published Google Sheet for example) and run a SQL query on it that makes it very easy to format, slice, filter, and search the Google Sheet in order to pull the right rows into Make for almost any purpose.

This is using Make’s built-in HTTP request (so the config is complex), but we are thinking of packaging this into a clean/easy UI if the interest is there.

So, if you’re interested in testing this out, please reply here or shoot me a note! We think this could greatly simplify a lot of the data extraction and formatting flows that involve Sheets.

Another idea (which I’d love to hear your reaction to) is turning this into a trigger so the results of a query (new items) would trigger the workflow to start if anything new row matches.

Thank you!


It appears the video is no longer available.

The play button is disabled, and visiting the address of the video directly, returns an Access Denied error



I’m not sure why the embedded video stopped working, but here is the direct link which I just tested: Run a SQL Query on a Google Sheet from Make

Thank you! I’ve re-posted the link in a reply.