SQL Query to Sharepoint Excel to Update a Google Sheet

Hi Make community.

Apologies if this is a dumb question. I am a beginner and not yet sophisticated with the best way to pull this data / having limited tech knowledge of the API possibilities.

I have reviewed some of the support materials (ex running email to sheets)/trainings, but am struggling with the scenarios and what needs to happen to get the automations to run. I have already researched out to the customer service team, but have not yet heard back.

**Goal: The goal is to update a Google-sheet based pricing list broken down by product category to different customers on a daily basis using the SQL query from our ERP. We only thought about having it write to Sharepoint Excel online to have a record of the pricing (in case of bugs), but if it is cumbersome and buggy can query straight from SQL to GoogleSheets **

I am attempting to get a SQL queries (from my our ERP using Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL) β†’ export to a CSV (excel) β†’ update a Google Sheet (ideally in different tabs for each product category within the one Google sheet). The SQL query will pull different classes of customers and product categories which I would like to use the classes of customers and categories to sort and route/update tabs. It could be many product categories to one tab.

Here is what I have tried so far:

  1. Have it β€œwatch” a file by time created β†’ download the file β†’ Google sheet add a row based on file content

  2. Query in MS SQL server β†’ Execute stored procedure β†’ Make API call (Sharepoint Excel) β†’ Make API call (Google Sheets)

Could you please provide me with materials / instructions on how I could get such a scenario running?

Thank you!

Welcome to the Make community!

You did not provide any errors or ask a question in your post, other than asking for materials. I can definitely provide you with links to learning resources.


Here are some useful links and guides to help you get started and learn more on how to use the Make platform, apps, and app modules β€”


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