Update Row in SQL Server when detecting Google Sheet has changed

Hello everyone,

As the title says, when I use the built-in template of Make “Get range values” (Google Sheet) to “Update row in table” (SQL Server) but when I detect a change in google sheet, SQL is updated all the data. row. So what should I do to be able to fix my correct place?

Thank you very much for watching and looking forward to your support.

  1. Google Sheet Log :

  2. SQL Log:

  3. My Google sheets: image

  4. My SQL Server after I run on Make. image


Correct me If I am wrong, but what you want to do is, whenever there is an update in GSheet you want to update your Database, right?

To do this, Get Range Values is not a good fit, what you want to do is use either Make an API call to fetch list of updated Google Sheet(if possible) or use Watch Changes module which will require you have a Make extension installed in your Sheets.

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