Runtime Errors on Printify

Hi everyone !

I am trying to build quite simple automation using Shopify with different scenarios. I am having trouble understanding the errors I have.

The first one is when I upload an image in Printify, I have the error 413, I do not understand what it means.

The scenario had already worked once. I tried to manually upload the image (on Printify to see if it is the file) and there is no problem.

The second one is on another scenario, it’s when I try to create the product on Printify, I have the error 500.

I have also tried to use the Chrome Extention as suggested in another post, I couldn’t understand how it works.

Can you please help me ^^

Thanks :pray: !!!

This HTTP code means Content Too Large response status code indicates that the request entity is larger than the limits defined by server.

And, from the Printify document,

413 Request Entity Too Large The request exceeded the maximum allowed payload size. You shouldn’t encounter this under normal use.

So, For this issue, you need to check the filesize that you are passing and cross-check it against the permissible file size allowed by Printify.

For this, though it is more on the Printify end, and what you can do is crosscheck the data you are sending and get in touch with printify regarding the issue, maybe with the payload that you are sending.

You can follow this guide.

Thank you so much for your reply !

I checked for the 413 error, it is exactly what you said. It’s weird that it works manually but not via the app. Anyways I know now !

For the error 500 will check with Printify, and let you know ! :blush::blush:

Thanks again !!