Same scenario with multiple calendars


For my work I have several google calendars all linked on my google account. Each calendar is regarding a different topic.

I want to run a scenario catching meeting on those calendars and integrate them on notion with a tag indicating the topic.

As of now, I have one scenario working perfectly for the main calendar, but I can’t find a way to watch all the calendars at the same time.

Do I have to duplicate the scenario ? Isn’t there a way to do that with only one ?

Thanks for your help

Howdy @Cecile Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

You can do this without duplicating the scenario multiple times, but you might still need multiple scenarios.

The trick is,

  1. Start the scenario you have made with a :make: make webhook.
  2. make a scenario with two modules, (watch calender → HTTP module)
  3. Put the webhook URLStep1 into the HTTP moduleStep2
  4. add the variables you want to pass to the master scenario, to the query string portion of the HTTP Module in STEP2
    1. :warning: Remember to replace the variables to reference the webhook module, instead of the calendar module
  5. Clone the individual calender watcher scenario only for each calender.

:information_source: Doing this has pros and cons

:white_check_mark:  Longterm:
it makes your scenario a lot more maintainable, because you only have to edit the 1 master scenario, and all the data still sends in from each calender.
Rather than updating multiple calender scenarios to make sure they are all consistent

:slightly_frowning_face:  Its a bit more up front work:
You should be proactive about sending data from the calendar controllers to the master scenario.
(luckily that one remap is very fast if you need to add extra variables)
It Also Takes some time to get used to building scenarios this way

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