How can I trigger a scenario from updates to two distinct Google Sheets (in the same workbook)?

I have a scenario using a webhook in Google Sheets to trigger updates and additions to a Google Calendar. Works fine to watch for changes in one sheet. But I also need changes happening in another sheet of the same workbook to trigger the updates and additions. Different people update the two different sheets, that’s why I cannot merge them into one. The webhook provided by make only allows to indicate one sheet of the workbook (or maybe all of them, but that’s not what I need). Any idea on how to solve the problem?

Thank you for your suggestions.


The webhook work well, if you have multiple sheets to trigger changes from, you need to add a filter after the first Module (The Trigger), and then you can add a route for every sheet.

Hope that makes sense for you!

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Thank you for this explanation. Makes sense. However, a drawback I see is the number of superfluous “transactions”, where the webhook transfers to many data items that will just be filtered out (since they come from sheets I don’t need to watch). A bit of a waste, isn’t it? I’m on the free plan…
Many thanks for this pointer, in any case.

in that case, you need to play a little bit with Google script(Spreadsheet Macro) in order to trigger only specific sheets and specific changes to be posted to your webhook… that will useful in this case of the free plan.


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Thank you for this hint. I’m still a little puzzled, though. In Google sheets, the add-on appears as an extension and does its magic somewhat behind closed doors. The only control I seem to have over this extension is to tell which single sheet I want it to watch, and maybe which range in this sheet. I do not understand how I could write a script that would trigger this extension only when certain conditions are met. Can you explain a bit more? Or possibly even give a script example? Thank you!

I upgraded to the Core plan, btw, but still want to avoid sending useless data to the scenario. Also, I want users to be able to work in other sheets than the watched ones without triggering queries and consuming my quota…

Actually, I found this post that gives a nice explanation and usable code to do what I need to do: All good :slightly_smiling_face:

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