Scenario passes filter then stops (Airtable, Wordpress)

My goal is to post content from Airtable to Wordpress once the “Status” is set to “Post to Wordpress”.

I had it working before, but now something is blocking the automation from completing.

It passes the “Post to Wordpress” filter, and then gets stuck on the router of which website to post to. The filter for this is “Website” equals “Junk Removal Solutions” (a dropdown field in Airtable)

Also not sure if this will work to post the content to the Custom Fields in Metabox on Wordpress? Since the field names match up I would assume this would work as intended.

I have the custom fields set in Airtable activated in the Wordpress Make plugin. Strangest thing is that make stops at the 177 router on the filters for which Wordpress site to post to, despite being set up correctly as the name of the website in the Airtable field.

Hmm your filter is matching a string, but what you’ve set in Airtable doesn’t seem to be a simple string, but more of a tag-like input?

What does the output bundle of module 175 look like? That should give us a hint.

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Make does see it as a string, it’s just text. It’s confirmed working for other steps and how the whole scenario works. Changing the status in Airtable will trigger a different branch of the scenario.

Once done the status will update to Published so it DOES work…it’s just not working with the make Wordpress API plugin.

Output bundle of the 175 airtable module includes all fields