<Scenario story where discord information is stored in notionDB by name (while retaining previous posting information)

Hello, thank you for all your help and advice.
This time, I am having trouble with the following.

Error details
Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).
Collection can’t be converted to text for parameter ‘block_id’.

What I want to ask

  1. There is no place to insert this ‘block_id’. does not exist, where can I insert it? 2.
  2. where can I get the ‘block_id’. and where can I get it?

Scenario structure
<Scenario story where discord information is stored in notionDB by name (while keeping previous posting information)

  1. Posting is made to the specified channel on the discord.
  2. module:Discord_Watch Channel Messages
    When the post is received, the scenario is started by “make” (attached image)
    Module:Tools_Compose a string
    (Format “:” after the name in the content of the discord post into “:” (attached image))
    =To make it easier to handle in later modules.
    Module: Notion_Search Objects
    Extract matching names (in NotionDB).
    Module: Notion_Create a Datebase Item
    Enter the discord information in the matching NotionDB.
    Module: Delete a page contents
    Delete the “contents previously entered in the matching NotionDB” when extracting the matching name (in NotionDB).
    =I would like to improve visibility by moving the order from the top to the bottom of the page.

That’s all. Thanks again.