Search and update airtable record once


I would like my scenario to search for a specific query in airtable and then send it to telegram…but only once. In order to do that I’ve created a checkbox called “Sent to telegram” in airtable that I want make to check when is done.

I’ve created the “Search records” airtable element and it works well, however I have an issue updating the “sent to telegram” with the “Update records” airtable element because we can only update the airtable records using the ID and make doesn’t give me the ability to do a search query or pass the ID’s from the previously searched element.

Hey @pierbdt ,

I am not sure if I follow your issue here.

Usually, the way it works is that the result of the search gets updated in the second module. After that the third module simply takes what information you give him (from module 1 or 6).

Post a video about your problem. Would be more useful :slight_smile: