Search for customer in Quickbooks

Hi folks,

I’m trying to do a search in QuickBooks for a customer based on phone number (Unfortunately the search by field doesn’t have a phone search option), so I used a user defined query:

However, I’m getting the following error, wondering what’s wrong in the query?

Thank you!

Hi. Maybe you have issues with special characters “(” and “)” in your query. Try a test removing it to be sure. Probaly the field type has specific requeriments in QBO.

Thanks, Helio!
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It looks like the QBO query engine is not allowing the ( and ) characters around your WHERE clause. Have you tried removing them? They are not really necessary in your particular situation.


I was using OR not AND. I changed the query to its simplest form and still getting an error

The Mobile_FreeFormNumber field is not in the table Customer. Confirm the name of the field please.

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It should be in the table

and this is from a previous step:

Try selecting all the fields from Customer without any where clause to see what the actual field is. The array aggregator shows that the FreeFormNumber field is inside a collection called Mobile, and that is not the native name of the field in the QBO database, I don’t think.


So here I’m doing a field search ‘Email’ and this is the result from QB:

…and here I did a search using Skyvia

I am stumped then. That query looks identical to what you already tried and got an error. Maybe open a ticket with Make support?


Thank you Alex, I’ll contact support.

Do you know how long does it take them to respond…They never got back to me.

Wow, so this was Make support response.